Kinetic Typography Task.

For my kinetic typography task I decided to use the first 20 seconds of Eminem’s ‘Real Slim Shady’. This part of the text was just Eminem making announcements, so creating the piece of typography was not to difficult compared to how hard it would be if I tried to animate the rapping sections of this song.

I wanted to use many different background colours so that it adds variety to the viewing experience, as if it is the same colour for the the whole 20 seconds it gets stale and boring very quickly. There are three different background colours on this piece. Making so many background was very necessary as a lot of the words repeat in the first 20 seconds, so there is a lot of repeated animation so bringing a new background colour in will draw the audience away from this repetition.

I also tried to use a clean font so its easy on the eye, and is able to be read. The font is sharp to match with the words being spoken, as they are quite sudden and are being shouted. This also had a big contribution on to the way the words are animated onto the screen, I tried to animate the words so that they came on suddenly and quickly just so that the whole project flows together and looked much nicer.

Making the whole piece simplistic was very important to me as, in my opinion, the more simple it looked, the better. This is because you can pay attention to what is happening on the screen and not have to pay attention to loads of animation popping up on screen. Especially because it is only a short clip in the first place, so trying to cram so much animation in the space of twenty seconds will make the whole piece look poor.


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