Task 2- Long Exposure Shots


This is the first Long exposure shot which i created using an app on my smart phone called ‘Long Exposure’. As I live on the top floor of a flat, I thought a long exposed picture at night will look good as there are a lot of lights going past the window.

This picture may seem blurry however it is because it is a long exposed shot and from me not having a steady hand all the pictures that where taken have blended together giving it a blurred affect.

IMG_1784[1]My next long exposure shot was from the same position except looking down at two trains passing by, This gave the photo a nice effect as all the pictures taken blurred together making both trains go across the whole screen. Also the background is quite blurred due to me again not being able to keep a steady hand and take photos steadily.

I feel like next time I create long exposed shots I will look to use a higher end camera and also use a tripod to create better images for myself.


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