Beginning My Research into Infographic Posters.

facebookbullyingAs I will be making the poster about social media, I thought to research the inforgraphic posters to do with social media. The first one which I came across was the one on the left, this poster is about helping Facebook user to not get bullied on a social network site. This poster works very well as you instantly associate this poster with Facebook as the colour scheme and fonts matches the ones of the social network site.

This is needed in a infographic poster as you want to rely more on the images to tell the audience what the poster is about rather than you actually physically telling the audience.

This poster is also very good as it is very simple and easily read by the viewer, this is very much needed in the creation to the poster as if all the information was clumped together and it makes it very hard for the audience to pay attention to a poster which they can not read properly.


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