Further Research- Flat UI Design.

Thinking about my poster in the previous blog post, I started to ponder on what type of style I would replicate on my poster, this style would be flat UI design. This style is a style that removes any techniques which allows an image to resemble a 3D appearance. You would do this by excluding important characteristic of a 3D image such as; drop shadows, textures, gradients, etc. The style is very minimalist, which in my personal opinion will suit my ideas and also will make a good infographic poster, as these types of posters are very simplistic.

Below is some examples of Flat UI Design;Flat design ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


These are very good examples of the style I want to mirror in my poster, these are good examples as they have taken three dimensional items like vegetables and made them look like they only have two dimensions, this is how I would like to make the Facebook page look for my poster.

Also the top poster is very simplistic, however it still gets all the information needed across. Again this is how I would like my poster to be as I feel like over complicating the poster will make it look less attractive and less likely for the audience to pay attention to it.


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