Putting My Ideas On Paper

IMG_2288[1]This was my first idea, to use the chat bar column on the side of the Facebook as an indication to differentiate between; close friends, family, and acquaintances. I thought i could do this by having name bars all along the chat column and where it would have the online status, normally shown by a green circle. So instead of having a green circle, having different types of circles to group the different groups of people. I will also have a key on the left hand side, however to make the poster flow i would make the key look like a Facebook status, this will keep the posters consistency and make it look more authentic. Keeping it looking authentic is needed as the audience can instantly relate the poster with Facebook without me physically telling them.


My next design is the favoured of the two designs which I have created thus far. This idea is revolved around the Facebook profile page, mainly the friends section. The idea was to copy the friends section where it divides how you know your friends on Facebook via your school, city and university which you attend. I took these tabs for friends and I changed them to all friends, close friends, family, and also the acquaintances. This easily shows the audience how many people are family etc. Also I would like to make all the numbers colour coded with their group so that there are no mistakes for the audience when viewing the poster.


Facebook profileThis would be the page I will be trying to duplicate with minor changes, as you can see there are the different tabs of how you may know your friends, this is the part I would like to take advantage of this and try to make it as my previous design. I feel like this would be a very successful infographic poster and one that will help the audience understand what message I am trying to portrait,


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