Practicing Flat UI design.

As my poster will be flat design I thought that to make the poster look as good as possible I would complete some online tutorials, from YouTube. The one that I have chosen to complete is a portrait of myself, the reasoning behind this is because I have to create a profile picture for my poster, so I will be able to use what I create in this tutorial for my main task.

The video of the tutorial i will be completed can be found at this web address:

I started my piece by creating a circle, making the stoke bigger. Doing this created a work space for me to have a guidance of where to place the shapes I create. After this using the pen tool I made the body of my person.

Number 1

After this I duplicated the half body I made and flipped it over to make a symmetrical body, then to create the neck I again used the pen tool to create half of the neck. However this time I had to use the rectangle tool to cut the neck that I did create in half. Once this was done I again duplicated it, flipped it, and then merged them together.

Number 2

To create the head you have to use the rectangle tool and then curve the edges to the way in which you want it. I also then went and made a shadow under the head, to do this you used the pen tool and the subtraction tool, once you have the correct shape off the shadow you then change its transparency to whatever you feel looks best, I used 15%

Number 4

Now I had to start making the facial features of my person. I started with the eyes these were basically a brown circle grouped together, these were very simple to create. As were the eyebrows as they was a circle, just like the one around the person, which then was cut in half using the scissors tool. The mouth was created via the pen tool and then curving some of the corners. Number 5







Next was the hair. This was created all by the pen tool, however making it was not that simple as to get the correct shape takes a lot of patience. This was the hardest part of creating the person. Nevertheless I think the hair which I produced looked very good.Number 6

Number 7


Then finally all which I had left to do was shadowing on the face. I created this by making a duplicate of the whole person. After that I blacked the whole person out and split it in half using the rectangle tool, then placing it back on top in the correct position. Once it was in the correct place I tweaked the opacity to 5% and it gave a very nice shadow affect on the person.Number 8

Number 9



This is my final image, which I will use as the profile picture on my Facebook style poster;

Profile Picture.


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