Creating my Poster.

To start, I made the dimensions of the poster which is A2 measures. I then created a plain white background and started to fill the poster according to my plan. I started with the Facebook logo and created that with the pen tool, once this was created I sized it up according to the size which I needed it to be. Then i continued to create the rest of the Facebook site.

Poster 1


I mostly used the rectangle tool when creating the Facebook page, however to create my profile picture I used the image which I created in an earlier blog. I done this by exporting that last picture and placing onto this document. I also then made the different tabs so that the different types of friend categories can be differentiated. 

Poster 3

Then creating the bar chart and statistics, I made rectangles underneath the categories, different sizes according to the amount of friends that belong in that category. After creating these bars, I put the amounts within the bar and then made them the correct size inside the bars.Poster 4

This is the completed poster

Final Poster



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