Design for Digital Media Environments- The Brief.

The next part of our level C course in Digital Media Design, is Design for Digital Media Enviroments or D4DME for short. The task we have been set seems fairly clear, however the way we will complete the task will be very difficult as it incorporates all the knowledge we have been gaining in our workshops for the last 8 weeks. We will be creating a website with a database using PHP and SQL. The actual structure of the website will come from our HTML and CSS codes which we have also been learning in our workshops over the past weeks.

HTML and CSS seem to be the simple part of the brief which we are completing. These codes are much more straightforward when you compare it to PHP and SQL coding. Anyway even though HTML and CSS seem to be the easier of the two sets of coding we need to complete, it still needs to be 100% correct otherwise the whole structure of the website is compromised. So even though it seems like its the easiest part I feel it is one of the most important as its the visual part of the website and if it does not look professional the audience will just leave the page.

In this unit we will be put into groups of three randomly. There is a big importance on the teamwork in this unit as it is a quite large project, so being able to split up the parts of the website to people in your group is very important as you will not be able to create a good, professional website just by yourself in a short amount of time. As we do not know our group yet I cannot report any progress with this.


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