What is Participatory Culture.

From researching the participatory culture I have gathered enough information to make a reasonable assumption at the definition of the culture and what it represents:

Participatory Culture is the opposite of the consumer culture so instead of the public buying products they end up supplying them. As contributing is very easy for the public to do it has grown very quickly and people show a very strong support for this culture. It also gives a sense of community to someone who is contributing on one of these websites.

One of the biggest examples of participatory culture is YouTube, this is one of the biggest websites in the world and it is made up completely of the public’s videos. This is just a massive community of people who upload their ides in the forms of videos. YouTube also pay people who regularly get many views on the videos with the highest paid being a ‘YouTuber’ with the name PewDiPie earning up to 8 million dollars a year.


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