D4DME- Participatory Culture.

A small homework project was set to us by Rob. This was to add something to a UGC platform. This is User Generated Content which is pretty self explanatory, however it is a website where the information on the page is given by the user itself. So I decided to add a landmark to the Bournemouth University site on Open Street Map, the landmark which I choose was Papa John’s in the University cafeteria. The screenshot below is from the website and the red droplet with the circle around it is where I had just marked Papa John’s on the map. This was very easy to do, all I had to do was sign up which took a matter of minutes and I was able to mark places on the map.



This is a very good idea as people from anywhere are able to add small information like a Papa John’s or any other small landmarks which you are not able to find on a Google maps.This allows people who are travelling around find places the otherwise may not. This is one positive to User Generated content, it gives the user who actually use it more personal details like on a map.










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