D4DME Group Overview.

My initial thoughts on doing this unit was very nervous as I knew that I was not particularly good at php, however after meeting with my group I gained confidence as I saw we had many ideas as a whole as to what the website should be about, look like, and what it should feature.

Choosing roles for our group members was pretty simple, I wanted to do the databases and php as I wanted to improve my skills in this area as I knew that I was not great at it, and hoping that the pressure of being in a group would spur me on to improve my php coding.

Our initial idea for the website was a recipe website, suggested by Chloe. However after reconsideration we decided to go in a different direction as Luke came up with an idea for a website for people looking for housemates and university. We decided to go with Luke’s idea as it seemed more complex and would be a very nice website if we was able to pull it off.

So overall theunit for Design for Digital Media Enviroment is well and I am enjoying the group work as we are able to split up the work load and delegate roles.


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